DwooBundle Extension

Assets Extension

Templates commonly refer to images, JavaScript, stylesheets and other assets.
You could hard-code the path to these assets (e.g. /images/logo.png), but DwooBundle provides a more dynamic option via the asset modifier:

<img src="{'images/logo.png'|asset}" />

or asset block:

<link href="{asset}css/blog.css{/asset}" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Routing Extension

To generate URLs from a Dwoo template you may use two functions (path and url) provided by the PluginPath and PluginUrl classes.

<a href="{path('homepage')}">Home page</a>

Absolute URLs can also be generated:

<a href="{url('homepage')}">Home page</a>

Please see the Symfony - Routing for full information about routing features and options in Symfony.