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Similar to the php foreach block, loops over an array

foreach(array $from, [ string $key = null, [ string $item = null, [ string $name = 'default', [ string $implode = null ]]]])
  • from: the array that you want to iterate over
  • key: variable name for the key (or for the item if item is not defined)
  • item: variable name for each item
  • name: foreach name to access it’s iterator variables
  • implode: if provided, this will be added between every item

Note that this plugin supports iterator variables through the name parameter and also supports the else plugin.


Example #1

  'arr' => array(
    array('id'=>1, 'name'=>'Jim'),
    array('id'=>2, 'name'=>'John'),
    array('id'=>3, 'name'=>'Bob'),
{foreach $arr val implode=", "}
  {$} - {$}

The above example will output:

 1 - Jim,
 2 - John,
 3 - Bob
  • The implode parameter allows you to use a comma or whatever you want to use to separate your items in a much easier way than having to do {if $}, {/if} inside the foreach block for example.