Deprecated features

This document lists all deprecated features of Dwoo. Deprecated features are kept for backward compatibility and removed in the next release (a feature that was deprecated in Dwoo 1.2.x is removed in Dwoo 1.3.0).


  • Since version 1.2.0 support of PHP5.2 has been dropped. Use PHP5.3 to PHP5.6 in Dwoo 1.2.x and 1.3.x versions.


PEAR support has been discontinued since project has been transferred from owner Seldaek to DSanchez, and no PEAR packages are provided anymore. Use Composer instead.


  • Since 1.2.2 version, file lib/dwooAutoload.php has been removed, use Composer to autoload classes.

Dwoo compilated

  • Since 1.2.2 version, file lib/Dwoo.compiled.php has been removed.

Dwoo class

  • Since 1.3.0 version, Dwoo class has been removed. you need to use Dwoo_Core or Dwoo\Core instead!

Core class

  • Since 1.3.0 version, method output() has been removed, you now need to use function echo with method get().

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