This page will be completed in further details soon, for now here is a quick list of available shortcuts.

Short syntax Full syntax Description Example(s)
{$} {$dwoo} the current scope, at first it means the entire template data, but if you use with or loop to move the scope then this will change  
{%FOO} {$dwoo.const.FOO} include PHP constant in your template file. simple constant will be: {%TEST}, you can also include a class constant, such as: {$dwoo.const.Dwoo\\Core::FUNC_PLUGIN}
{$.FOO} {$dwoo.FOO}   {$.get.user_id} = {$dwoo.get.user_id}
{$_} {$_parent} this is the parent scope, one level higher than the current scope in the template data. {$_._._} will work as {$_parent._parent._parent}
{$__} {$_root} this is the top level scope, which is always equal to the entire template data  
{/}   closes the last opened block  

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